Is MLS the Trump of USA Soccer?

I have noticed that quite a few MLS apologists bash non left-wing characters and policies on the regular.

Are these apologists aware of where their support for “club MLS” is directed to?

It is quite the embarrassing conundrum.

MLS apologists bash USA President Donald Trump often, but the kicker is that they appear to be blissfully unaware that one of the chief shareholders of club MLS is famous Trump supporter Robert Kraft:


Another club MLS founding father, Phil Anschutz, is a noted supporter of “right-wing” anti-LGBTQ groups:

This is very odd since club MLS and its fans try so hard to market an “equality” stance when it comes to LGBTQ demographics in USA soccer and the nation as a whole.

What is with all of the uppity, progressive speak? The MLS club that these folks support directly contradicts with those values.

Is it any surprise that the parody account @MLS_Trump fits club MLS like a glove?


Discriminatory, closed-system USA soccer policy (no promotion/relegation) jives well with these non-progressive values that MLS apologists claim to hate.

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One comment

  1. Trump is pretty unpopular, I think you will find people who don’t like him on both sides of the USSF/MLS/SUM debate.

    However, I think you are 100% correct to frame the problems of US soccer as a political and economic issue. Rather than Democrat vs. Republican or left vs. right, this is a debate between people who are ok with a sport’s governing body granting monopolies to a men’s professional league and a marketing company, and people who think players (lower tier pro men, pro women, amateurs, youth, and all others neglected by the current system) and fans deserve better, and can look to Europe and see obvious models that would serve the game so much better. Call it oligarchy vs. democracy, or monopolists vs. free market capitalists. Follow the money.


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