Busting Promotion/Relegation USA Soccer Myths

The case for opening USA soccer is airtight. Yes, there are challenges with transitioning to an open system, but none that truly constitute show-stopping sticking points. All that is required is a little bit of planning and determination from USA soccer’s governing body (currently USSF). Let’s set up and knock down a few of the most prevalent anti-open soccer myths.

“MLS would never agree to promotion/relegation.” 

The decision to open USA soccer is not up to MLS since the organization is only one constituent in American soccer. It is one single club that’s divided into franchise outlets that play against each other. It is ludicrous to let one constituent determine the freedom and opportunity of all other parties in the ecosystem. Would the English FA be dim enough to give Manchester United or Arsenal supreme policy power over the English football ecosystem? It is time to stop giving MLS unwarranted power.

“Soccer is new in USA – we need to give it more time.”

False. Soccer has existed in America for over a century. Not just pick-up ball or amateur teams mind you, but also pro soccer and one of the oldest domestic cup competitions in the world. What’s the one common denominator behind USA soccer collapses and failure? The country has never tried a fully open, promotion/relegation ecosystem. A century ago, travel and communication difficulty were valid excuses for not implementing an open system, but there are no such barriers in 2018. Follow this Twitter feed for daily doses of American soccer history content.

“Open systems are unstable.”

Fully open systems are fail-proof.  Individual clubs fail drastically or even collapse in open systems, but the key statistic is that no *ecosystem* has collapsed in world soccer history. Individuals and clubs fail in a free market, but by definition, open systems replace any failing entity with the “next man” up via promotion. The new club formation rate far exceeds club collapse rate. There will never be a shortage of clubs.

“What about travel costs? Can lower-division clubs fly all over the country if they get promoted?”

There will be a 3-5 year preparation window before an open system commences. the “go-live date” can even be adjusted on the fly if needed. This window will provide clubs adequate time to prepare for life with consequences at the top and bottom. The most sensible procedure would be to not relegate from any division until 6-10 tiers are filled from the bottom via promotion and new clubs. It would also be smart to divide USA soccer into twin, east-west pyramids. The pyramid can then granulate into regional and state divisions as the ladder goes down.

Once promotion/relegation does start, teams will rise and fall incrementally – one division at a time. It is nonsense to panic over an 8th-division amateur “pub team” potentially being forced to travel throughout half the country under a 1st or 2nd-division club schedule. As teams work their way up the ladder, they only need to grow as needed for life in the next division up. If a team were to rise through six divisions, it would be a healthy, six-year growing process. As an extra precaution against club collapse, any club will be free to decline promotion to a higher division if they believe they cannot cope with the increased demands.

Here is a USA soccer open system plan that I fully endorse.

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