USA Soccer’s Closed System Is Immoral

In the midst of the battle to bring open, promotion/relegation soccer to America (#ProRelforUSA), it is important to not lose sight of the very heart and soul of the cause: USA soccer must be opened because it is the just and moral thing to do. Upholding a closed domestic system in global soccer is flat-out immoral and evil. There is no need to rest all hope and debate on utilitarian arguments such as, “open systems produce better soccer and more money so therefore USA should adopt it as well.” Never forget that the clinching argument in the promotion/relegation USA debate is the question of right versus wrong.

There are many great illustrations and aspects in the trimmings of the promotion/relegation USA soccer argument, such as the nuts and bolts of the format, success stories from open systems around the world, and observations and experiences in the U.S. closed system. By all means, paint the world with these talking points, but always remember:

The onus is not on open USA soccer advocates to prove the utility or benefit of open soccer systems. Closed USA soccer system apologists should be put on the spot to explain why blatant discrimination and disenfranchisement is right and tolerable. 

Why is closed-league soccer immoral? Global soccer operates in a FIFA-governed ecosystem. Each country has a promotion/relegation ladder capped by a division 1 which is used to filter the best of the best into regional and international club competition (think UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup). Besides the revenue and prestige that entry into international competition generates for clubs, the fact that a club is “division 1” carries with it implied legitimacy and recognition in global soccer. It is not just a label attached arbitrarily. If a club is D1, they must be pretty good. This leads even more of the revenue and prestige mentioned above.

How would these same principles apply in a hypothetical U.S. Soccer open system? As a USA soccer club moves up and down the ladder via wins and losses, corresponding revenue and prestige increases and decreases. There are variables and outliers, but the general rule remains constant. The rise and fall of independent clubs should be looked at just the same as individual businesses rising and falling within any industry. Soccer, and sport in general, is not “just a game.” There are economic and social consequences beyond the grass field. Real lives, jobs, and pocketbooks are part of soccer competition as well. Most agree that economic and social equality are human rights, so it would then follow that the U.S. Soccer closed system of today is immoral and unjust.

Make sure to always approach the promotion/relegation USA soccer question from its primary standpoint of morality. The sporting quality details are great, but remember where the true high ground is. A promotion/relegation USA soccer system has tremendous potential to make a giant economic and social impact in America. For those who oppose an open system, the onus is on you to explain why keeping the USA soccer system closed is more just and moral than opening it.



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