The USA Soccer “Unique Market” Myth

Every so often, an investor-operator or media apologist affiliated with the MLS/U.S. soccer closed-system status quo declares that the American soccer market is somehow “unique” and drastically different from the rest of the soccer world. These unique differences exist, but every country in the world possesses its own set of them. These characteristics should be folded into the standard open, promotion/relegation soccer system, not used as an excuse to run a perverse and immoral closed system.

The latent purpose of this “unique soccer country” claim is to provide the grounds of justification for the discrimination and disenfranchisement brought about by USA soccer’s closed system. “You see, the USA soccer market has unique challenges and needs special considerations and protections in order for the game to survive and grow,” they exclaim. Year after year, USA doubles down on the failing MLS closed system and sees little to no progress. The nation is reluctant to break the cycle and change course because it is stuck in a flat-earth mindset that makes it believe that a closed system is required for soccer’s very existence in America.

If you take stock of USA’s cultural and sporting attributes, it is difficult to conclude that the USA is missing required soccer-nation ingredients:

  • 24 million soccer players (still a gigantic number even if off by multiple million)
  • 330 million total population (with 24 million players, it is clear that there must be at least 30-50 million soccer fans in America)
  • #1 national wealth and infrastructure
  • 100+ years of professional soccer history
  • High U.S. TV ratings for foreign, open-system club soccer and the World Cup.

USA clearly has strong soccer culture and history. Some say that competition from other sports (NFL, NBA etc.) is an insurmountable barrier, but with a population of 330 million, the 24+ million soccer players and fans mentioned above are more than enough to build a top-notch soccer nation. There is enough room for both “big American sports” and “big USA soccer” to exist.

Every nation has its unique cultural mixture and identity, but these differences simply provide the backdrop for the open soccer competition that must ensue. The entire soccer world and all of soccer history proves that the sport’s open-system essence is never the cause of instability. The 0% open system collapse rate speaks for itself. The only way that things can go wrong is through government mismanagement, and this is exactly what is happening with the overreach and corruption of today’s U.S. Soccer governing federation.

The only thing “unique and challenging” about American soccer is the fact that its governing soccer federation refuses to align with the open-system essence of global soccer, and FIFA’s corresponding promotion/relegation mandate. Division 1 sanction exclusivity should not be granted to one single constituent (company or club) in the ecosystem, as has happened with club MLS and its control over U.S. Soccer D1. The current U.S. Soccer governing federation is completely compromised. It is acting as a proxy federation working for the business interests of the MLS company.

USA soccer does not struggle because of bad ingredients, it struggles because of a bad chef (U.S. Soccer). It is time to start holding leadership accountable. If this federation will not lead USA soccer into alignment with FIFA’s mandate on promotion/relegation, it is time to start a new governing federation that will. Until then, keep speaking up for change and keep educating people on the myths and realities of the USA soccer ecosystem.


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